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T-SQL Tuesday #93 – Interview get-help

The topic of this months T-SQL Tuesday #93 (hosted by Kendra Little / @Kendra_Little) is Interviewing Patterns & Anti-Patterns. The question: What advice to you have for people preparing for or going through an interview?

It is a big question with many different perspectives and factors:

  • Entry level vs experienced professional
  • Startup vs enterprise
  • DBA vs developer

Instead of delving into each specific domain I will discuss some insights that have served me well. I hope they will help you too. Whether you are interviewing for a Senior DBA role or an entry level BI developer some things remain the same.

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Power Line Distribution

MSDTC Troubleshooting – Basic Guide Part 2

Now that the basics of MSDTC have been covered in Part 1 we can move on to troubleshooting more specific issues. Here I cover other tricks that can ruin your day. There was a period of time where it felt like all I did was diagnose and fix MSDTC issues. This is the outcome of that frustration – a guide that you may find helpful and prevent the stress I experienced. So without further ado…

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