Prison Window

The Prisoners Dilemma of Defect Disclosure

Cory Doctorow wrote an excellent piece about the disclosure of software security defects. The post “Telling the Truth About Defects in Technology Should Never, Ever, Ever Be Illegal. EVER.” spells out the current predicament and suggests a way forward.

This topic is contemporary, impactful, and fascinating. It spans various domains such as InfoSec, free speech, censorship, and private corporate rights

Read on as I analyze the article and offer my thoughts about security vulnerability disclosures.

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Insert table from Excel to write SQL

How to Insert Into a Table Using Excel to Write SQL

Today I want to show off a quick trick I learned many years ago that is useful to this day.

The Scenario: you have a spreadsheet, CSV file, or some other delimited flat file and need to load that into a database. There are many options to load data into SQL Server; however, a quick method I am fond of is to use Microsoft Excel and manipulate the data to craft insert statements then paste into SSMS and execute.

Read on to see how to parse and load a CSV flat file, character delimited flat file, and columnar text.

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Database Corruption

SQL Server Database Corruption! Fixing and Preventing

In my previous post, SQL Server Database Corruption! Understanding and Diagnosing, we talked about database corruption. We discussed what it was so we could better understand the threat we face. Then we learned how to diagnose database corruption. Today we are going to talk about remediating and preventing database corruption.

If you haven’t already read the previous post please read it first.

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Database Corruption

SQL Server Database Corruption! Understanding and Diagnosing

Of all the things that can ruin your day as a DBA and possibly get you fired, database corruption ranks right up there with backups and security enforcement of the database. Database corruption can be a resume generating event! A corrupt database can affect system stability, lead to unnecessary downtime, and possibly the loss of some data. To manage the risk you must know what database corruption is, how to diagnose, how to fix, and how to prevent.

Read on to learn how to understand and diagnose database corruption.

UPDATE: Part 2 on Fixing Database Corruption

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