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How To Manage People Who Are Better Than You

Talented technologists often get promoted by desire or default into management. Now with managing people, the rules have changed and success is defined differently than as an individual contributor (IC). You’ll be leading teams that may have people who know more, are smarter, have more experience, or get paid more. How do you successfully lead?

Inspired by a podcast interviewing Phil Jackson, this post alludes to useful bits of the interview with my own commentary. Read on to learn how to manage people “better” than you.

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Defend Your Fortress: Signal Usernames for Phone Privacy

Longtime readers of my blog know that Signal is one of my favorite messaging applications for secure and private communications. To this point the emphasis has been more on the security than the privacy or anonymity; however, with a new feature the balance pivots more toward an equilibrium of security and privacy.

Read on to learn about the new feature and why it is important for your privacy.

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How to Manage Technical Projects

Over the years, in various positions, I’ve participated in many projects as a developer, lead developer, architect, jack-of-all-trades administrator, etc. I’ve also had the opportunity to lead technical projects as well.

This post focuses on techniques I have employed to successfully manage technical projects. Read on for tips regarding meetings, communication, and building your confidence.

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