Defend Your Fortress: Signal Usernames for Phone Privacy

Longtime readers of my blog know that Signal is one of my favorite messaging applications for secure and private communications. To this point the emphasis has been more on the security than the privacy or anonymity; however, with a new feature the balance pivots more toward an equilibrium of security and privacy.

Read on to learn about the new feature and why it is important for your privacy.

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Breaking news - companies do not care about your security or privacy

Marriott and Equifax – A Tale of Two Breaches

Recently there were two huge data breaches of two very large companies. Both organizations collected a ton of information about their clients. The breaches were both spectacular in scope. Furthermore, both were among the largest known data breaches.

I see a large contrast between the Marriott breach and the Equifax breach. The difference between the two massive breaches clearly demonstrates the importance of basic security methods.

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