Here are some presentations I have done and their associated slides, demo files, blog posts, and videos.

Environmental SQL Server Troubleshooting


Abstract: When called in to diagnose a performance issue what are the 1st things you review? Many DBAs and developers make the mistake of diving straight into the code looking for an answer. However, often times the solution is not in the code but rather in the overall environment. Environmental troubleshooting is often a quick and overlooked method for discovering and configuring SQL Server to perform at a higher level without the need for application change controls.

In this session we will discuss both performance pitfalls and optimizations that can be made to the system outside of code changes. We will diagnose configurations commonly misapplied and review best practices in SQL Server, Windows Server, and VMware!

Slides: Environmental SQL Server Troubleshooting

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Database Corruption! Preventing Disaster to your Database

Abstract: Every DBA should know about database corruption because it can be a resume generating event. A corrupt database can ruin your day, affect system stability, lead to unnecessary downtime, and possibly data loss.

In this presentation we will explore database corruption, learn how to diagnose, and see what we can do to fix it. We will discuss the causes, dispel some myths, and learn what questions to ask. After this, we dive into discovering the root cause and putting a plan in place to stop it in the future. Demos will illustrate diagnosing, troubleshooting, and fixing database corruption. Prepare to break a database and go through the steps to return it back to a usable state.

Beginners will benefit along with others who may one day find themselves with a corrupt database. By the end of the session, you will have the tools and understanding necessary to take corrective action and prevent your databases from corruption!

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