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How to Manage Technical Projects

Over the years, in various positions, I’ve participated in many projects as a developer, lead developer, architect, jack-of-all-trades administrator, etc. I’ve also had the opportunity to lead technical projects as well.

This post focuses on techniques I have employed to successfully manage technical projects. Read on for tips regarding meetings, communication, and building your confidence.

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Personality building

The Nature of Software Engineer Personality

The age old question of nature vs nurture influences the careers we have and the jobs we get. After being involved in software engineering most of my career, a question that comes to mind is: “can anyone do my job?” Can anyone, provided the right inputs, achieve the same output such as being a developer, systems administrator, or managing people and projects?

My conclusions have evolved over time. Read on to hear my ruminations about how our personality influences our work!

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Planet earth wearing a mask for COVID

The Internet and the Pandemic

From the Cold War onward there was a wide array of new technologies created such as GPS, NASA, ballistic missiles, and nuclear proliferation. Among these was what came to be known as the Intenet. Fast forward over 60+ years later the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe.

What do the Internet and the pandemic have in common? It’s got to do with the Internet but not how you might think – read on…

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